Unraveling the Aftermath of Suicide, Healing the People Left Behind

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Date Apr 21, 2015
Time 10:00 PST
Cost Free
No one tells you about living in the aftermath of a suicide.

The paralyzing loneliness. The unbearable vulnerability. Nothing can prepare one for the emotionally challenging circumstances.

Steeped in fear and stigma, it is sadly a place woven with rigid and archaic judgment.
The population of people left behind is growing larger each day, because tragically suicide takes more lives than war, murder and natural disaster, combined.

Despite the numbers, there is an eerie silence that halts meaningful conversation and healing. Many families never speak about it and the silence can last for generations, wreaking untold damage on fragile lives. Perhaps it is time for a different approach.

Isn't it time to engage in meaningful conversation, one that cultivates well-being and healing for individuals and families?

Please join me for a free teleseminar devoted to creating community, connection and healing for the people left behind. 


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