ChildHub Webinar: The Journey from Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction: Addressing Burnout With an Emphasis on the Self in Self-Care

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Date Feb 22, 2018
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
About the webinar:
Due to our relentlessly fast paced society and the many responsibilities we each carry, it is no wonder that  so many of us feel anxious and on intense “overload.”  This hour webinar will focus on the major psychological causes of burnout and how it differs from depression, stressing the interactive loop between our personal, professional, physical and social Selves.  With focus on the far too often neglected Self in Self-Care, SaraKay Smullens will introduce the concept of “an emotional sense of direction,”  the adaptation of attitudes and strategies to take us from Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction.  This webinar will help us understand the importance of this essential journey to our own health and well being and the health and well being of our loved ones.  Material used in this presentation will be taken from her most recent book, “Burnout and Self-Care in Social Work:  A Guidebook for Students and Those in Mental Health and Related Profession” (NASW Press, 2015).

The webinar is of interest for all child protection professionals, students of social work and related fields, professionals in mental health and related fields, as well as for anyone who would like to learn how to address burnout in daily work and life.

About the presenter:
SaraKay Smullens, MSW, LCSW ACSW, BCD, CGP, CFLE, whose private and pro bono clinical social work practice is in Philadelphia, is a certified group psychotherapist and family life educator. She is a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from NASW-PA, which recognized her innovative clinical approaches, community organization, advocacy, and activism, as well as the codification of patterns of emotional abuse and the development of the model to address it. SaraKay has been published in peer reviewed journals, newspapers, blogs, and is the best-selling author of “Whoever Said Life Is Fair?: A Guide to Growing Through Life’s Injustices” and “Setting YourSelf Free: Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Abuse in Family, Friendships, Work, and Love.”  The publication of her most recent book “Burnout and Self-Care in Social Work:  A Guide for Students and Those in Mental Health and Related Professions” has resulted in presentations and webinars in the United States and abroad.  SaraKay has been a consultant to the soon to be released film, THE TALE, written and directed by award winning documentarian Jennifer Fox, and starring Ellen Burstyn, Laura Dern, and Common.  This feature film, based on a true story, addresses the epidemic of child sexual abuse, usually by someone known and trusted by the child.  SaraKay’s  professional papers and memorabilia are divided between the Archives of the University Pennsylvania, Goucher College, and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. SaraKay’s professional life continues to be devoted to highlighting destructive societal forces through communication, advocacy, and activism.


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