Advanced Search - Building Complex Web Search Queries with Google Operator

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Date Apr 25, 2021
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $69.95
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This webinar is (Level_2) of webinar series that covers Google Advanced search methods and techniques using "Advanced Search Operators". We have designed this webinar to train those interested in learning advanced search queries for precision web search. You will learn about advanced search operators, How to use advanced Google techniques, including using time restriction (to search in specific date ranges), site restriction (to search in a specific online site), using double quotes correctly, and using other operators accurately. and how to use them building effective search queries. The students will be taught concepts such as search intent interpretations, context, and semantics used by search engines. The students will understand the in-depth science behind how the search engine reads indexed web pages? and how it reads HTML Tags, a language the search understands. The lessons include practical examples, use case and complex search queries building principles and rules. 
Join our webinar and learn Advanced Research Methods and set you up for further vocation accomplishment for professional online research.
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Organizer: Association of Internet Research Specialists.


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