Internet Research Techniques for Librarians and Knowledge Professionals

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Date Mar 22, 2020
Time 02:00 PM EDT
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2 Days Event - Time Zone - Ontario, Canada - EST

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Learn and Join us for our Live webinar "Internet Research Techniques for Librarians and Knowledge Professionals" The role of libraries and librarians have changed considerably due to the information digitization and the Internet. Libraries are now being used to serve the communities collectively by introducing skill development and training programs instead of serving individuals in finding what they need. Today's librarian uses the latest information technology to perform research, classify materials, and help students, clients, and other users to find information. Expertise in electronic resources, online research for information and database is required. In this webinar, you will learn as a librarian or information science professional, how to access reliable information sources of the Internet by building complex search queries? How to perform social media searches?

Join our most recent webinar to learn how the internet organizes the information pages – library database search vs internet information indexing. Learn techniques to quickly verify web content relevance and reliability for quality research. Identify fake news, internet trolls, marketing articles, and unreliable websites. Find out how to legally obtain and use data and information pages collected from the internet.

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Topics we will cover in this Webinar

Day - 1 : [2 Hrs Duration]

Search Engines Web Page Index Vs Library Database
  • Textual Database, Semantics, and AI of Search Engine Algorithms
  • Search Engine Algorithms (What are they and how they work?)
Advanced Search with Google Search Operators
  • Search with Boolean Operators
  • Search with Google Advanced Search Operators
  • Searching the Meta Information in Web content pages.
  • Search result Snippets explained (Title, Description & URL's)
  • How to Read Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)?
  • How Search Query is Reads Web content pages & Meta-data?
Day - 2 : [2 Hrs Duration]

Building Search Queries
  • Querying Research, Articles, Books, Reviews, Citations, Forums & Groups
  • Query for Social Media Content, Images, Photos & Videos
Information Verification and Validations
  • Verification of Information Source in Social Media, News, Articles and Videos.
  • Verification and Validation of Dates (Upload Dates, Publishing Date, Revision dates).
  • How to verify News & identification of Bias in Web content?
Introduction to Specialized Search Engines & Online Databases
  • Specialized Search Engines & Meta-crawlers.
  • What are Specialized Databases & How to Find them?

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Time Zone - Ontario, Canada - EST

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