How to Find Anything Online With Advanced Search Techniques

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Date Apr 4, 2020
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $59.95
2 Days Event - Time Zone - Ontario, Canada - EST

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In professional Internet research, there are several instances when the research topic demands a precision search with multiple search terms and varied contextual relationships. The webinar is fast-paced and expects students to have prior knowledge of using Boolean logic's and Google’s advanced search operators. The topics covered are complimented with extensive practical examples and illustrations.

This webinar is designed as a single comprehensive learning program for those students that prefer to learn Advanced Online Search techniques at one go, instead of taking piecemeal shorter courses. The main topics of the course covers, methods, and techniques used in Keywords and Phrase Search, and Building Complex Search Queries with Advanced Search Operators.

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Topics we will cover in this Webinar

Day - 1 : [3 Hrs Duration]
  • How Search Engine's Read Web Page Content?
  • Difference between Library Database & Search Engine Indexed Web Pages.
  • How to Read URL's in Search Result Snippets?
  • How to Build Keyword & Phrase Search Queries?
  • Effective use of Boolean Operators in Building Search Query.
  • What are Google Advanced Search Operators & How do they Work?
  • How to Build Complex Search Queries with Multiple Search Operators?
  • How to Find Online Research Resources & Database? What are Typical Web Collections of Accessible Government Documents, Archives, and Public Records?
  • What are the Information you should Avoid or Validate in Online Search?
Day - 2 : [3 Hrs Duration]
  • Online News Source Identification & Verification
  • How to Spot Fake News of the Internet (Emphasis on Social Media News) ?
  • How to Identify & Evaluate Bias in News Story, Online Articles, Social Media Opinions & Internet Forums?
  • Verification Techniques & Online Tools Used for Authenticating Articles, News Story and Video Files. You will learn Methods & Various Tools Used to Identify Tampered Photos & Images.
  • How to Verify Date & Time Stamps on News Story Uploads to the Internet?
  • What are the Online Tools and Utilities Available for Organization of Online Researched Web Pages and Information Excerpts? (Link Gathering and Organizing Web Pages, News Headings, Citations, Author, Source Details Etc)

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Time Zone - Ontario, Canada - EST

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