Cisco Professionals: How to Add API Skills to Your Networking Toolbox

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Apr 28, 2020
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
In this ever-changing technology era, it makes sense for IT Networking professionals to revisit a few skills and add important knowledge to their “Networking Toolbox.”

We use Smartphone apps for our daily tasks, such as maps and weather forecasts, or simply to stay in touch with our social media accounts. These apps are built on top of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which are exposed by our communication devices (Android or iOS), and allow the apps to interact and use its features (e.g. screen, network connections, sensors, etc.).

Now, what if the network could have similar API interfaces? Can you think of the first app you would build to interact with the network features? Join this interactive session to discover how, by using a programmable network with APIs, you can multiply the power of your existing toolbox of networking skills.
  • The Four Ages of IT Networking
  • Network as a Platform Considerations & Common Challenges
  • Cisco DNA Center Platform Introduction
  • Introduction to APIs & Data Formats
  • APIs -> Postman -> Code!
  • Q&A session with the speaker


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