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Date Jan 1, 2021
Time 09:00 AM EDT
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From Container security to cloud. From AWS to Kubernetes.
From Threat Modelling to DevSecOps. It's all your AppSec learning in one place.

1. DevSecOps | 2. Kubernetes Security | 3. AWS Security | 4. AppSec Essentials | 5. Advanced Application Security | 6. Container Security and 6. Threat Modeling (coming soon)

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Abhay Bhargav (Founder and CTO, we45)
Abhay is a builder and breaker of applications. He is the Chief Architect of “Orchestron", a leading Application Vulnerability Correlation and Orchestration Framework.He has created some pioneering works in the area of DevSecOps and AppSec Automation, including the world’s first hands-on training program on DevSecOps, focused on Application Security Automation.In addition to this, Abhay is active in his research of new technologies and their impact on Application Security, namely Containers, Orchestration and Serverless Architectures.
Abhay is a speaker and trainer at major industry events including DEF CON, BlackHat, OWASP AppSecUSA, EU and AppSecCali. His trainings have been sold-out events at conferences like AppSecUSA, EU, AppSecDay Melbourne, CodeBlue (Japan), BlackHat USA 2019, SHACK and so on.

Nithin Jois (Senior Solutions Engineer, we45)
Nithin is one of the lead trainers at we45 and has helped build Orchestron - A leading Application Vulnerability Correlation and Orchestration Framework. Nithin brings his unique skillsets to training as a Lead Trainer for our Containers, Kubernetes and Serverless Training and DevSecOps training programs.
Nithin has extensive experience with developing Container-Native and Cloud-Native security orchestration solutions, which he uses to train folks on attacking and defending these solutions.
Nithin has trained and delivered talks on these subjects at Black Hat, Code Blue, OWASP App Sec California, LASCON, SANS and several leading industry events.


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