Learn to model and simulate your next electronic systems in just three days at No Charge.

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Date Apr 25, 2020
Time 02:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
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Free Online Training in System-Level Modeling

Mirabilis Design is offering the popular Systems Architecture Exploration Class to all hardware, semiconductor and software engineers. You will be trained in system modeling methodologies, experimental methods and reporting. Homework projects will be provided in your area of interest and will be reviewed by the Trainer. The applications covered during the training include stochastic modeling of electronics, task graph modeling of software, cache coherence, network topology, bus and memory design, and processor selection. Techniques covered are basic building blocks required, translation of a block diagram into a model, minimum attribute set to conduct trade-offs, modeling abstraction, statistics selection and interpret results to make decisions. The analysis will cover timing, throughput, energy and behaviorial correctness.
University students: If you enroll and pass the exam that follow the session, you will receive a Digital Certificate on Proficiency in System-Level Design.


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