Are you a Fresh Graduate? Looking to step in for a kick start IT career?

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Date Apr 24, 2020
Time 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Cost Free

IT organizations are currently facing multiple disruptions due to digital technologies and unpredictable resource requirements. Post the pandemic, their requirements are expected to become even more stringent and hiring will get increasingly focused on day 1 industry-ready full-stack developers with product thinking abilities who can efficiently deliver digital transformation projects with ease.
• So what are the key business and recruitment trends in the IT industry today?
• What are the key competencies that you need to acquire to stand out amongst the competitors?
• How can you make yourself job-ready to take up Digital Transformation projects?
• What does it take to become a top-class full stack developer?

Are you a fresh engineering graduate? Do you know what are the key skill sets sought after by product companies and digital transformation teams? Join the free webinar to know more. 


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