Words Matter - Now More Than Ever

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Date Apr 29, 2020
Time 2:00pm CT
Cost Free
A talk by Carmil Surritt
Carmil Surritt Life Coach, Carmil Surritt Life Coach

In our daily lives, our Words Matter, and in times of crisis, more than ever. Your success in business, in your relationships and for that matter, all of your endeavors are clearly dependent on the words you choose.
Words can create harmony, build trust, and invite connection. Words can also create uncertainty, doubt, all the way to fear. The choice is yours. What is it that you want to create? Is it fear to gain command and control? Or, is it collaboration, and an environment ripe for greatness, such as creativity, inspiration, and innovation.
This introduction to the Neuroscience of Language has shown to have incredible impacts to create amazing results. Every leader, business owner, and employee is wired to respond to either approach, withdrawal or defend. One has the ability to help companies survive challenging situations like we are experiencing, and the other is a terminal diagnosis.
Registration link:  https://leading-in-crisis.turnkeycoachingsolutions.com/?sc=MBPwTtYi&ac=AERhMYqB


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