Online Sound Healing Webinar: Find your Own Vibration

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 3, 2020
Time 12:00 PM IST - 1:00PM IST
Cost ₹1000
Learn techniques to use Sound as a tool to
  • Ground yourself
  • Bring stability in life
  • To clear negativity
  • Enhanced physical flexibility
  • To clear #mental #rigidity
  • To develop a healthy attitude
  • Improve #poor #sleep #patterns
  • Release #Acidity
  • Reduce #Anxiety & #Stress
  • Silence the #noise around
  • To bring #stillness within
  • To #raise your personal #vibratio
  • To manage #anger
  • To boost #confidence
  • On a physical level expect strengthened #immunity, better sleep, reduced gastric & acidity problems, works on indigestion, menstrual aches & pains, etc
Note – This workshop is customized as per one’s need to help an individual to raise his consciousness. This workshop is not designed to become a Sound Therapist or Practitioner. This is a self-healing module curated.
  • Frequency – A state of consciousness
  • Becoming Sound
  • Sound as a healing tool
  • Notes & Frequencies of Sound
  • Importance of Silence
  • Role of breath in sound therapy
  • Use of voice as a healing tool
  • Role of communication
  • Voice within
  • Visualization + Sound
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