Will They Come Back? A Business Case for Building Loyalty During a Crisis

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Date Apr 30, 2020
Time 09:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
A talk by Alexander Noren

We are in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. As companies, we're doing our best to weather the storm and just make it through. This crisis will end, and when it does some organizations will find what comes to be worse than the crisis itself -- a mass exodus of employees.
We all assume when we're ready to open our doors again that all our employees will come flooding back. Many will find when employees do come back to work, it will be for a different company -- one that understands the Business Case for Loyalty.
How do we build loyalty? When do we build loyalty? What are the costs? What is the return?

Registration link:  https://leading-in-crisis.turnkeycoachingsolutions.com/?sc=Xxnav3Qn&ac=8MkpXUMC


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