Building Your Remote Work Muscle (Certificate)

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Date May 13, 2020
Time 01:30 AM EDT
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The Challenge for Remote Workers

In this new world of remote work, not everyone feels like they are in a position to be effective with work and life… at home. Whether you are the CEO or a frontline team member, the amazing work you do in the office might feel at risk when you have to do it at home. Reactivity and loneliness can also become the constant companions of a newly remote worker, along with feeling like you are not pulling your weight… anywhere. When you’re not sure where to start and frustration sets in, how do you lean in so you can build your remote work muscle?
Introducing Building Your Remote Work Muscle: Lessons and Tools From The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity.
This solution provides the opportunity to uncover concerns, fears, and challenges in our new world. It allows you to move on to the practical mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets you can implement to get your highest-quality work done, your highest-quality family time accomplished, and ensuring a quality self.
This fast paced and interactive work session is not just for the newly minted remote team member, but for anyone who wants a few more tips and tools to drive an even more productive remote environment, which definitely includes having fun!

Remote team members feel overwhelmed.
How to do quality work, spend quality family time, and care for self.
Not enough time to help everyone at work and at home.
Remote team members feel drained and isolated.

Understanding how the brain works helps you recognize what you think and feel and how to take control.
Creating space, organizing stuff, and enhancing planning systems leads to feeling highly accomplished.
As knowledge workers, solving problems around prioritizing decisions, focusing attention, and energy management, drives productivity.
Establishing processes to ensure quality connections can turn those connections into energy drivers!
After attending this program
Building Your Remote Work Muscle is based on FranklinCovey’s bestselling work session The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity. The mindsets and skillsets provide remote workers with the strategies to succeed in this unique work environment

Identify the remote work issues that make you feel overwhelmed and emotional, and what you can do to gain some control to accomplish quality work, family, and self.
Understand how to intentionally prioritize all of the “incoming,” and then pause, clarify, and decide to get the greatest return on quality relationships and personal and professional accomplishments.
Learn to create your space, organize your stuff, and execute effectively through weekly/daily planning… in the midst of many distractions at home.
Identify energy drains and best-practice gains to give your best quality to yourself, your family, and colleagues.
Practice having a “Trust Talk” to ensure quality connections while working remotely.
Commit to two to three things you can do to stay focused, be productive, and maintain momentum in all key areas while working remotely.

90-minute Live-Online work session
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