Extracurricular Leadership while Learning Remotely

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Date Sep 22, 2020
Time 05:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
"If you’re like most families, you may be wondering how to approach this autumn so that your teenager stays productive, stimulated, and competitive for college admissions, even in the age of online or hybrid learning.

While colleges understand the unique challenges that coronavirus has presented, they are also expecting students to come up with creative ways to stay involved, either academically or through their community. In this webinar, the experts at The Admissions Angle will be discussing activities, projects, and methods for helping your teenager demonstrate leadership, whether they are an underclassman or a rising senior.

Topics include:
– What do admissions officers look for in an extracurricular activity?
– What are some activities that I can do from home?
– How can I start an online club?
– What tools are available to me?
– How can I build a college admissions strategy?

Moreover, we will be helping parents understand the avenues that they can take to help keep their teenager accountable. With so many parents assuming the roles of teacher and now guidance counselor, things can get complicated. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Join us for a webinar followed by a question and answer session, wherein you can ask questions related to your unique situation.


"We can’t wait to see you there!"

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Alex Loveless
Executive Director
The Admissions Angle


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