Behind the scenes: An approach to designing compelling experiences

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Nov 10, 2020
Time 11:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
As the saying goes, behind every success there is a lot of hard work. Designing experiences is no different. There are many schools of thought and processes available on the internet today. However, I want to share my personal thoughts and insights gathered over the years about what worked for my successful designs and especially what did not work. 

I will be covering a breadth of topics like - Collecting data, analyzing it, and making it meaningful. This will not only enhance but push the boundaries of experience needed by the user, to the experience the users wish for. (or in some cases can not even imagine)

What do you need to bring along?
  • An open mind
  • Curiosity and questions
  • Key Takeaways:
  • Deep dive into the UCD design process
  • Understanding data, information, and insights
  • Methods to simplify complex design challenges 

She believes in the magic, that design brings to every human it touches. She has a strong grip on understanding businesses and users, which helps me design holistic solutions that focus on ROI and delight (wow).

What she brings to the table is 10 years of experience with a strong sense of research, pattern analysis, conceptual design, future design, interaction design, innovation, and visual experience design.
“She firmly believes that we can solve business problems by solving users' problems.” 


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