Webinar on On-demand Video Streaming with AWS Media Convert

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 29, 2021
Time 12:30 AM EDT
Cost Free

In this pandemic, the OTT platforms have taken a place where everything is now streaming on OTT platforms. Wondering how streaming works? Wanted to build your own OTT platform and stream videos? Join the session & get the most out of it.

Topics to be covered:

1. What is AWA Elemental MediaConvert?

a. File-based transcoding

b. Vidoe-on-demand

c. Input and output formats

2. Why AWA Elemental MediaConvert?

3. AWS Elemental MediaConvert over Amazon Elastic Transcoder

4. Key components of AWS Elemental MediaConvert?
    a. Jobs
    b. Queues
    c. Presets
    d. Job templates

5. Pricing
    a. On-Demand pricing
    b. Reserved pricing

6. Demo Implementation

1. Backend: Django rest framework
2. Frontend: Angular

1. Kumarswami Boga
2. Rishikesh Devkate


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