Financial Modelling Training Has Changed, Have You?

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Sep 22, 2021
Time 12:00 AM EDT
Cost Free

Did you know research shows that on average your analysts know only 52% of what you need them to know to optimally perform their role?

Join Philip Allen, Operis Head of Learning, Jonathan Swan, Operis Director of Training and CEO Adrian Harvey of ‘Elephants don’t forget’ in this FREE 60-minute webinar to discover how your firm can, by adopting AI-powered learning, dramatically improve the modelling skills of your analysts.

Key points for discussion will be:

- What is AI powered learning and why should you care?
- How the world’s leading firms use AI powered learning to improve employee performance
- How you can replicate top performing modellers across your whole team
- How to get new analysts modelling as effectively as their more experienced colleagues
- How your firm can integrate AI into their learning programme with minimal cost and fuss


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