How to Value Coloured Gemstones?

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Mar 25, 2022
Time 06:30 AM EDT
Cost Free

Learn more about 
Colour, Grading, Valuing Gemstones through our webinar on “HOW TO VALUE COLORED GEMSTONES” conducted by Mr. Geoff Dominy. 

He is the founder and CEO of The World Gem Foundation, as well as the creator of ColorWise, the founder and editor of Gemmology, and the CEO of Amazonas Gem Publications and has been teaching since 1987. 

Agenda of webinar

  1. Define Value? Different markets, Different Values.
  2. What is Colour? A brief overview of Colour Theory
  3. Communicating Colour - Speaking the same language.
  4. Grading Coloured Gemstones - Different systems, different approaches and different results.
  5. Country of Origin, Treatments and Enhancements 
  6. Price lists. How to read them and what they really tell us.


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