Craft Emails With Empathy

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Feb 23, 2023
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost Free

For workers, email is one of the biggest productivity drains. A McKinsey study found US workers spend almost a third of their time reading and writing emails, but an Adobe poll found less than a quarter of all work emails added any value.

In this webinar, you're going to learn how to streamline your email content by identifying what is valuable for your recipients. By adopting a reader-first writing strategy, you can stop email churn and start writing messages that connect people.

We'll read and discuss email case studies and learn how to use practical emotional intelligence strategies to understand our readers. Then we'll talk through how to craft an email that creates value for specific readers.

Whether you're a manager looking to tighten your department's writing skills or an individual contributor looking to supercharge your career, this webinar will help you elevate your written communication.


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