Learn How to Speak the Secret Language of Personality Types

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Date Jul 10, 2014
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $179.00
Webinar Summary:
In this communication skills training webinar, you'll learn how to identify the social style, working style, and personality type of others, along with learning what your own type is, and what that means in the workplace. To effectively communicate with people who have personality types, social styles, and and working styles different from your own, you must start by understanding the various types and what "makes them tick." You'll then learn which language patterns, benefit statements, and power phrases to use when speaking with a type other than your own. Additionally, you'll learn the correct language of appreciation to use with the various social styles, along with many other tactics to help you connect with all of the personality types and build teams that know how to effectively communicate with each another, and speak the right language of respect and appreciation.

Who Should Attend this Webinar:
Managers and employees on all levels who work with various personality types and social styles, and wish to communicate more effectively with people of all social styles. Social style training is core curriculum for any professional development program.

What You'll Learn:
-How to Identify the 4 basic personality types and shift your language to meet the specific needs of each type

-Where you fall in the social-style/personality type scale, and how that effects how you communicate and work with others

-What the strengths and weaknesses of each type are, and who to go to for what

-How to most effectively pair different working styles to create maximum synergy

-How to avoid inadvertently "pushing the buttons" of the various types

-How to recognize the different learning styles, and incorporate them in your teaching, leadership, and training so others can grasp concepts more quickly, profoundly, and easily.

-How to become more persuasive, and connect more quickly with others through understanding what their benefit languages are

-How to eliminate the danger phrases that push other people’s buttons and create problems, and replace them with power phrases


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