Transforming Your Leadership Ability to Build World-Class Teams

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Date Aug 10, 2014
Time 08:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
This energetic address informs and inspires while making leadership practical and accessible. Building on organizational science and years of practical experience, Dr. Dewett delivers leadership insight through personal, funny, and emotionally moving stories. To be an effective leader requires the strength to be open and authentic in addition to being strong and polished.
Managing impressions professionally is understandable, but we overindulge to the point that people share an incomplete version of themselves-say hello to mediocre relationships and lackluster productivity. Whether you're an executive, sales professional, engineer, or any type of organizational leader, people need to know the full authentic you. When you learn to show the complete human you, not just the leader with a title, it's amazing how the team will begin to listen.
From communication and decision making to employee engagement and recognition, Dr. Dewett addresses your core challenges through the lens of authenticity with thought provoking takeaways you can use immediately, all wrapped in the energy and humor that have made him one of the most in-demand speakers in the world.


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