How to use adversity as a superpower for personal development

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Date Aug 14, 2014
Time 07:00 PM EDT
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Michelangelo once said, "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free".
Life challenges and hardships are the chisels that unleash your true masterpiece. Adversity can make you transcend and become a better person, when the correct process is followed. This is the Michelangelo effect.Based on research with hundreds of individuals who have had a serious hardship and difficult situation such as loss of a loved one, loss of a limb, or bankruptcy, we discovered that many individuals can actually bounce back higher after this serious difficulty. They have transcendence from loss. They are much more than just resilient, they have transcend-ability: the skill set to become a better person from the adversity.
In this Webinar Dr. Gregg will discuss the 5 key stages of transcendence from adversity. These stages show the audience how to overcome adversity and use it to their advantage. The following stages for transcending adversity include:
1) Create a Spot light: Adversity shines a light upon what is missing in your life and what you need to be more successful and happier.
2) Flip the Switch: You must see the adversity and challenge in a positive light and see the benefit from the experience.
3) Harness your Genius: You now focus on your key strengths to find your true success and happiness.
4) Develop a new Lifesong: You now have found your true path and have realigned your life in the right direction.
5) Live in the Sweet Spot: You now live in your flow and you have immense energy. The world is drawn to you and people are attracted to you in ways like never before.
Dr. Gregg will discuss how leaders, sales staff, and administrators can help their company to acquire transcend-ability. Change is inevitable in the business world and leaders must convince there staff that this change is beneficial to the company. This presentation will share with you effective hands-on exercises that will help anyone to acquire the ability to transcend after change and loss.


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