Put Identity at the Center with a Federated Identity Service Webinar

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Nov 20, 2014
Time 05:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
As the focus shifts to increasingly federated systems to manage the new realities of expanding access and user populations, most identity infrastructures haven’t kept pace—and many mainstay LDAP directories are nearly at the end of life.

Don’t miss this November 20 webinar, where we’ll look at some best practices in the evolving identity space:
- Build a Federated Identity Service Based on a Common Data Model. Don’t centralize, but federate identities through virtualization, taking advantage of your existing data to build a comprehensive, attribute-rich view of each user.
-Manage Globally, Act Locally. Integrate information from every identity store while freeing your system from the limitations of a siloed world.
- Give New Life to the Old Directory. Revamp legacy directories using cluster-based computing principles and big data technologies for a more context-aware future.

Today’s legacy directory infrastructure can’t keep up with new demands—and the problem will only get worse as we move from IAM to IRM, shifting the focus from the relatively simple issue of access to the multi-layered demands of relationship management and contextual communications. And it will become unimaginably complex when all our devices—from home thermometers to smartphones, from medical devices to refrigerators—need to be treated as constituents within the system.

Our identity systems must grow, in both capacity and flexibility, to meet this exploding demand. In this session, we’ll examine the forces driving change within IAM and discuss how the current storage and directory-based identity representation structure could expand to meet future demand. We’ll look at harnessing the flexibility of data virtualization and federated databases, and combining that with the power of big data and cluster computing to create a new directory —an identity service for the new digital age.
Join us for a look at the importance of putting identity at the center. You’ll learn how to migrate to a more modern directory system without disrupting any current initiatives, while simultaneously laying the groundwork for a more flexible and context-driven infrastructure.


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