How to Create and Sustain a Competitive Employment Brand

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Date Jan 27, 2015
Time 08:00 PM EDT
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CEO's must be concerned about establishing and maintaining their competitive advantage. It has become clear that one the most critical components of building and maintaining a competitive advantage is a company's compelling Employment Brand. When a company's employment brand is strong, it can be a key factor that attracts talented employees to the organization. Additionally a dynamic employment brand can help to retain your most talented and creative employees.
There is a good deal of opinion, and often conflict, regarding how organizations go about establishing their employment brand. Through Integer Leadership Consulting's research involving over 200 employees, managers, and CEOs of organizations based in San Francisco, Silicone Valley, and the larger Bay Area, we have identified 6 core components that contribute to high levels of engagement and which contribute directly to the establishment of a dynamic employment brand.
A strong and sustainable employment brand does not happen my mistake. It is an intentional strategy that is implemented and supported by C-suite leaders. Yet, surprisingly, this is still insufficient in creating a persuasive and powerful employment brand. Employment brand strategies must be implemented by those who are the most important link in an organization that, at the end of the day, determines employment branding: managers. A company's management structure, from the selection system criteria used to identify management candidates, to the management training systems used to prepare managers to work with their teams, to the way managers are evaluated all must be driven by a company's employment branding strategy. Any weak link in this strategy can be sufficient to undermine any employment branding strategy which, in the long run, can undermine any competitive advantage.


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