Specialised Strategies and Techniques for Quality Financial Business Writing- By Compliance Global Inc

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Date Mar 25, 2015
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $135.00
Financial professionals have started to realize that demonstrating mastery of their profession is not limited to preparing and presenting meeting briefings and firing off summary emails on business issues.
True risk assessment and forecasting proficiency emerges from their ability to draft and edit operational and financial inquiries, fiscal analyses, sales forecasts, revenue forecasts, internal justifications, appropriation requests, client proposals, business plans, and a whole host of other financial documents depending on their organizational responsibilities.
Meanwhile their formal training in these vital skills has been limited to academic contexts, and their company may not necessarily use standardized methods for composing these diverse documents.
Thus, specialized training in financial business writing is essential to ensure that financial professionals write business reports which express their organizational objectives and business purposes.
Why Should You Attend
A study by the College Board’s National Commission on Writing concludes that a third of employees in United States blue-chip companies write poorly, causing corporations to spend as much as $3.1 billion annually on remedial training.
This problem is especially significant as the flattening of the global marketplace has increasingly burdened financial professionals to write high-profile, complex business reports for diverse audiences on the fly. They often perform this essential work in diverse locations, such as commuter trains, hotel lobbies, and conference rooms; during fast-paced, noisy business meetings, and under exceedingly tight time pressures.
While many financial professionals benefit from using templates when developing major business plans, circumstances often demand they think on their feet by either adapting the template to the situation or abandoning it for an alternative method.
As a result of these demands, writers ranging from tax consultants and investment risk analysts to equity research reporters and sales fore-casters, need a toolbox of memorable and practical strategies, techniques, and tips that will guide them through the financial writing process.
This webinar includes the key principles of focused, high-impact business writing regardless of the financial document. Working through the phases of revising (ideas), editing (expression), and proofreading (overlooked errors), this session looks at the rewriting process from levels: 1) the document level of purposefulness; 2) the paragraph level of emphasis, unity, coherence, and visual appeal; 3) the sentence level of impact, clarity, conciseness, consistency, and correctness; and 4) the word level of diction.
This systematic, top-down approach will prove invaluable when applying the webinar principles to their unique business-writing situations.
Areas Covered in the Session
This webinar includes the following learning points:
  • Four levels of quality controlling finance-related messages
  • Using a structure that reinforces the purpose
  • Emphasizing key points through solid paragraphing
  • Employing formatting devices to guide readers through complex data
  • Highlighting the relevance of data through transitions
  • Editing sentences for clarity through active voice
  • Applying the principles of conciseness to get to the point
  • Maintaining a consistent message through parallel structure
Remedying the most prevalent sentence errors that compromise the quality of language
Learning Objectives
Attending this webinar will enable you to:
·       Focus the audience on the purpose of the message
·       Determine the appropriate level of content
·       Organize data to focus the reader
Heighten the importance of facts to address the reader’s concerns
Who Will Benefit
This webinar will provide valuable assistance to:
  • Accounting professionals
  • Banking managers
  • Business forecasters
  • Economic advisors
  • Equity researchers
  • Financial planners
  • Insurance professionals
  • Investment consultants
  • Risk analysts
Tax specialists

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