Wage and Hour Compliance in Fair Labor Standards Act - By Compliance Global Inc

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Date Mar 25, 2015
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $135.00
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Texas, is one of the most comprehensive labor laws and is, at the same time, a challenge for HR compliance experts.
Further, legal experts state that 90% of employment law class actions are wage and hour claims. This webinar will provide an overview of all facets of FLSA and practical tips for compliance.
Top wage and hour laws and other common areas of noncompliance, such as employee misclassifications, making deductions from an exempt employee’s pay, paying incorrectly for travel time, not tracking time actually worked and providing “comp” time in lieu of overtime will be discussed.
The webinar speaker will share a wealth of her experience in complying (and making mistakes!) to provide an informative session.
Why Should You Attend
Whether new to HR compliance, or a seasoned veteran, the threat of lawsuits looms over us. And, with ever increasing workloads there is uncertainty and doubt about whether supervisors and managers, outside of the HR suite, are fully complying with complicated employment laws.
This webinar will present plain language ideas for HR compliance as well as supervisory and managerial compliance with the FLSA. 
Areas Covered in the Session
·        Employee Classifications – Exempt, Non-exempt, Full-time, Part-time, seasonal, hourly, salaried, independent contractor
·        DOL’s current focus on misclassifications
·        Department of Labor’s primary duties and salary basis tests
·        Proper and improper deductions from an exempt employee’s salary
·        Appropriate payment for travel time for nonexempt employees
·        How to track hours worked
·        Providing compensatory time off in lieu of overtime
·        Importance of considering laws in other states in which the company does business
·        Risks and penalties of noncompliance with FLSA
Recent court cases
Learning Objectives
Participants will gain:
Understanding of the breadth of the FLSA and common compliance issues
Knowledge of how to comply with FLSA
Application to ensure managers and supervisors are also complying with the FLSA
Who Will Benefit
  • Professionals in human resources or payroll
  • HR / payroll Directors
  • HR / Payroll Managers
  • HR / payroll Specialists
HR / payroll Generalists

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