Supplier Quality Management: Streamline your Supply Chain - By Compliance Global Inc

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Date Mar 18, 2015
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $155.00
The FDA requires that manufacturers of medical devices have a documented process to assess its suppliers and contract manufacturers, that they have implemented that process, and that the process is effective. Having an effective Supplier Relationship Management program will result in streamlining the supply chain, ensuring a more consistent level of quality components, materials and components, and be more cost effective to the manufacturer.

Why Should You Attend
Failure to adequately assess and control your supplier/subcontractor pool can result in dire consequences for an organization. Aside from the regulatory implications for failure to comply with FDA’s requirements, not assessing and monitoring your suppliers can result in product recalls,high levels of complaints,potential patient/user injuries and deaths, and expensive lawsuits. Not explicitly defining the responsibilities of your suppliers can lead to adulterated and misbranded product, as well as unnecessary costs associated with cost of good and overhead.  Assessing and approving your suppliers before placing the first order with them will eliminate many headaches for a medical device manufacturer.
This webinar will provide attendees with the information and tools necessary to develop, implement, and effectively utilize and maintain a program for Supplier Quality Management that will satisfy the FDA’s requirements without creating undue burdens for the organization.
Areas Covered in the Session
This session will discuss:
  • Supplier Quality Management Overview
  • Supplier Selection, Approval, and Disapproval
  • Supplier Evaluation and Performance Monitoring
  • Supplier Approval Status:  Approved, Conditional, Disapproved, Probationary
  • Supplier Change Control
  • Supplier-Related Corrective and Preventive Action, Continuous Improvement, and Development
  • Supplier Quality Agreements
  • Supplier Contract and Agreement Administration /Supplier Records
Learning Objectives
This webinar will assist the participant in:
  • Understanding the FDA’s requirements for medical device supplier assessment and approvals.
  • Learning “who” are considered to be suppliers
  • Knowing to structure a Supplier Quality Agreement
  • Selecting the potential methods for evaluating and assessing suppliers
Who Will Benefit
This webinar will provide valuable assistance to the following departments of the FDA-regulated industries:
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Directors, Managers, and Specialists
  • Regulatory Affairs/Regulatory Compliance Directors, Managers, and Specialists
  • Purchasing/Materials Management Directors, Managers, and Specialists
  • Engineering/Development Directors, Managers, and Specialists
  • Document Control Managers and Specialists

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