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Date Mar 27, 2015
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $135.00
Many industries, including services, medical, biotech, semiconductor, manufacturing, etc. have tried and failed to develop a Lean Enterprise. 
To succeed, companies must understand the underpinnings of Lean, holistically, including Lean management principles and organizational culture required for success. 
Mike Micklewright will explore these and other must know secrets in successfully adapting Lean methodologies holistically, within an organization.
By definition, a “holistic” approach emphasizes 1) the importance of the whole and 2) the interdependence of its parts.  The “interdependence of the parts” relates to:
•      All functional departments acting as one system (breadth)
•      The Mission, Principles, Culture, Practices, and Tools (depth)
•       The relationship between management and employees (leadership and management) 
Why Should You Attend
Even though many organizations say that they are practicing Lean, end up receiving nonconformities related to preventive actions during their ISO 9001 audit. Hence it’s important to:
1)     Avoid sub-optimizing parts of the process to the detriment of the overall system
2)     Avoid improved processes that have no chance of being sustained
3)     Avoid the focus on tools only while ignoring cultural long lasting change
Understand the future focus on teaching how to lead
Areas Covered in the Session
•      Holistic Approaches to Lean Defined
•      Lean is For Everyone, Everywhere!
•      Principles 1st!
•      Toyota way principle’s and Deming’s Principles
The Future
Learning Objectives
1)     To learn how to deploy Lean holistically throughout the organization meaning a) vertically, from Principles, to Culture, to Tools and b) horizontally, as processes without the impediments of departments
2)     To focus on culture and leadership development for long-term sustainment of improvement efforts rather than short-term gains that are unsustainable
To learn how to think systemically
Who Will Benefit
  • CEOs
  • Presidents
  • VPs,
  • Directors, and Managers within Operations
  • Directors and Managers within Quality
  • Directors and Managers within Engineering
  • Professionals seeking Continuous Improvement
  • Lean, Six Sigma teams
  • Lean Experts and Kaizen Team Leaders
  • Quality System Management Representatives 
Internal Auditors

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