How to Generate Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Growth?

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Date Feb 25, 2015
Time 07:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
Opportunity is a chance for progress or advancement for any entrepreneurial venture. It cannot be judged by its size, it can either be big or small, can bring huge profits to the business or just a minor cost saving, it can be a grand innovation or just a slight quality improvement. Opportunity can lead to a greater chance of success and a better position. There is a famous saying that "opportunity comes once in a life time", so any business should grab it before it goes. There are certain steps through which a business can even generate opportunities proactively rather than waiting for them passively.
This webinar has been designed for potential entrepreneurs, family business-owners, managers and decision makers running large businesses as well as for budding/nascent entrepreneurs who are already in business for some time and looking for techniques and knowledge to convert their small business into an entrepreneurial venture. The webinar has been developed with a practical approach of spotting opportunities and then evaluating them before implementation and generating ideas for establishing or improving entrepreneurial ventures.


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