Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Bringing an “Invisible Nightmare” to Light

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Date Aug 14, 2015
Time 03:00 PM EDT
Cost $39.00
Pull back the veil caused by the stigmas associated with PTSD, and help your clients wake up from an “invisible nightmare.” 

Full Description:
It has been noted in the literature that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed. This could be due to the everlasting stigmas that are attached to the diagnosis of PTSD, as well as the lack of understanding of the complex symptomatology. If our clients are misdiagnosed, they will never heal. The diagnosis of PTSD has evolved since its incarnation into the DSM III® in the 1980s. The DSM-5® reflects significant changes to the diagnostic criteria.

This webinar assists the clinical professional in understanding how the PTSD diagnosis has evolved, explores possible reasons that clinicians have hesitated to use it as a primary diagnosis, and will help the clinician to understand and properly identify the multifarious symptoms. Clear direction on assessment of PTSD, asking the right questions, and understanding how the symptoms may manifest will be discussed in this webinar.  In addition, Ms. Spizzirri will deliver a backdrop for understanding the DSM-5® updates by reviewing the newest research on PTSD and trauma exposure. 

 DSM®, DSM-IV-TR®, and DSM-5® are registered trademarks of the American Psychiatric Association. The American Psychiatric Association is not affiliated with nor endorses this seminar.

Course Includes:
Live Q&A
Presentation Handout
Post session recording access
CE Credit

What You Will Learn:
Describe the evolution of PTSD and its stigma
Analyze issues relating to the misdiagnosis and underdiagnoses of PTSD
Explain the symptomatology and how to properly assess PTSD
Evaluate the correlation between complex trauma, PTSD, and attachment issues
Recall the changes to PTSD that are found in the DSM-5®  

Your Presenter:
ROSEMARY SPIZZIRRI, LCSW, is a psychotherapist with House Calls Counseling in Wilmette, Illinois, where she works with youth and their families who have experienced trauma or attachment disruptions. She received her MSW from Jane Adams College of Social Work in Chicago. Ms. Spizzirri has been professionally speaking, teaching college courses, and facilitating training since 1989. From 2005 – 2012, she trained Illinois child welfare staff and foster parents on issues relating to child welfare, trauma, assessment, and diagnosis. She was previously employed by Chicago State University as an administrator, facilitating statewide training on trauma-informed, family-centered, and strength-based practice.  

Only registered attendees will have access to CE. A Cross Country Education web account is required to attend. There is no charge for a CCE web account. It is recommended that you join the meeting 15 to 20 minutes early. Speaker phone sound quality is poor and it is recommended that they not be used to listen to the event.

Technical requirements:
To view this webinar you will need to download the WebEx Application. You will be prompted to download it when you first enter the site. To save time, you can setup prior to the meeting by following this link:

Who Should Attend:
Social Workers, Counselors, Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors, Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychiatrists, Pastoral Counselors, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Educators, Case Managers


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