Periscope 101: Break News Faster with Mobile Live-Streaming

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Date Jul 29, 2015
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $39.00
Periscope 101: Break News Faster with Mobile Live-Streaming
Learn how, why, and when to live-stream with this practical training

Instructor: Neal Augenstein, founder, and digital reporter, WTOP

The power of Periscope means any person can live-stream eyewitness video from anywhere, instantly. Just by pressing a few buttons, the free Periscope app can immediately transport viewers to a breaking news scene. In the hands of a journalist or communications professional, the possibilities are tremendous. Award-winning reporter and mobile journalism trainer Neal Augenstein has developed best practices for this quickly-evolving tool, to enable users to grab and hold an intrigued audience.

This training will show how to use the free Periscope app, in conjunction with other free and inexpensive apps and tools to incorporate live-streamed video into a user’s social media, broadcast, and online platforms. Participants will be encouraged and shown how to maximize the quality of their live stream, and to consider how it can repurposed for maximum impact.

- Presentation slides, links and quick reference guide

Who should take this training:
- Professional radio, television, newspaper, and online journalists who want to use cutting-edge social media technologies and strategies to increase the audiences on their legacy platforms
- Public relations and public information professionals looking to provide quality content that will catch the attention of news organizations and the public
- Students, including digital natives, who want to perfect their professional news-gathering skills and impress potential employers
- Anyone who wants to use the hottest app of 2015 to generate buzz and excitement around their projects

About the Instructor:

Neal Augenstein is an award-winning reporter with WTOP-FM and, the top-rated digital news organization in Washington, D.C. In 2010 he became the first major-market radio reporter to do all of his field reporting on an iPhone. Neal’s earlier iPhone is on display at The Newseum. He blogs and trains news organizations and non-profits how to do mobile reporting.
The agenda for this web conference:
  • How to start live-streaming in an instant with Periscope
  • Vertical or horizontal? It all depends
  • Why good audio is the most important part of Periscope, and how to get it
  • Accessories and hacks to improve the quality of your scopes


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