Free Webinar on Social Media Analytics

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Date Aug 21, 2015
Time 07:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
Ever wonder why Facebook shows you post of your close friends more frequently than others?
Why does Youtube suggest specific videos you might like?
How does Twitter analyze “What Trending?
Want to unveil the mystery?
Social Media Analytics is a powerful method for identifying unrevealed insights from millions of online sources. Businesses use Social Media to identify the market, their customers and the nature of competition. In order to do this efficiently, they need to transform this “Big Data” (Huge volume of un-structured data) into a simplified and actionable insight.
Imarticus Learning hosts a free webinar on Social Media Analytics which will help you understand:
  1. What is Social Media Analytics
  2. Sentiment Analysis and its uses
  3. Data Analytics and its uses by Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.
Name of Speaker: Deepesh Kothari
Profile of the Speaker: Deepesh has 7+ years of experience in the Analytics industry.  He has worked at Absolutdata Analytics and Mu Sigma as a consultant. He has also worked on several projects across various elements of the analytical supply chain. These include interactive business dashboards, advanced predictive modeling and statistical analysis.
Details of the Webinar:
Date – August 21st, 2015
Time: 6:00PM to 7:00PM
Send us an email with your Name, Number & Location to get a link for the free webinar.
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