Webinar on HIPAA Rules for New Patient Attraction: Websites, Testimonials, Email and Text Messaging

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Date Oct 14, 2015
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $139.00
Overview: Attracting New Patients is essential for growing and sustaining a Health Care Provider's Practice. Patient Attraction is a big business leading many providers, without knowing it, to commit highly visible HIPAA violations. Key patient attraction tools like websites, social media, patient satisfaction surveys, email and text messaging are all subject to HIPAA rules that are frequently overlooked or ignored.
  • This webinar will explain HIPAA Rules that apply to frequently used marketing tools for Patient Attraction and
  • Explain how to avoid HIPAA violations regarding:
    • Provider websites
    • Patient Testimonials
    • Social Media
    • Patient Communications and Surveys

Why should you attend: HIPAA Rules for the most common patient attraction tools are clear and unequivocal.
  • One look at a health care provider's website can provide undeniable evidence of a HIPAA violation
  • Where there's smoke, there's fire - an investigator who sees a clear violation of a basic HIPAA Rule has reason to suspect there are many more and look for them
  • More than 173,000 separate breaches of Protected Health Information (PHI) affecting less than 500 individuals were reported to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) between September, 2009 and May 31, 2015
  • In the same period HHS received approximately 1240 reports of PHI breaches that affected 500 or more individuals
  • HHS expects to receive 17,000 complaints in 2015 from individuals that their HIPAA privacy rights have been violated
  • HHS conducts a preliminary review of every complaint and by law must investigate any complaint when the preliminary review indicates a possible violation due to willful neglect
  • HHS said as a practical matter it investigates every case when the preliminary review indicates a possible violation of the HIPAA Rules - regardless of whether the violation may be due to willful neglect
  • Even if a Covered Entity or Business Associate did not know and, by exercising reasonable diligence, would not have known it committed a HIPAA violation it is liable for civil money penalties of up to $50,000 for one violation and up to $1.5 Million for identical violations during the same calendar year

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Your Responsibility for HIPAA Compliant Patient Attraction
  • The Most Frequent HIPAA Violations:
    • Websites
    • Patient Communications
    • Social Media

Who Will Benefit:
  • HIPAA Compliance Officials
  • Top Management
  • Health Care Provider Practice Manager
  • Risk Manager - Compliance Manager
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Legal Counsel
  • Health Care Marketing/Advertising Executives

Speaker :
Paul R. Hales J.D, is an attorney at law in St. Louis, Missouri whose practice has included specialization in the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules from the dates they became effective. He provides assistance and counseling on the new, more demanding compliance requirements of the HITECH modifications to HIPAA. Mr. Hales is licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States, Federal Appellate and District Courts, the State Courts of Missouri and is a graduate of Columbia University Law School.

Price : $139.00 

Contact Info:

Phone No: 1-800-385-1607
FaX: 302-288-6884 
Event Link:  http://bit.ly/1WPlo8G


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