Instructional Design - 'A critical skill for educators and trainers'

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Date Jan 13, 2016
Time 11:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
Webinar Highlights:
*Understand what Instructional Design (ID) is.
*Understand misconceptions about Instructional Design.
*Identify how ID help Educators, Content Writers and Learning Consultants
*Comprehend the difference between Content Writing and Instructional Design 
*Understand how to get started with Instructional Design.
*Certificate of Attendance for attending the Webinar

Many a times, an educator/trainer becomes so by the virtue of his or her knowledge about the subject. However, the effectiveness of the training delivered cannot be ensured simply by knowing the subject or being an expert on it. The effectiveness of the training or the content - be it in terms of learning or branding - is dependent on how well it is structured, presented and communicated. This in turn requires that the educator/trainer not only presents the accurate content but also engages the learner. 

Instructional Design is what enables a teacher/educator/trainer/ to achieve all this. It is a hitherto unrealized skill in the content writers' universe. We seek to evangelize Instructional Design as a must have skill for content writers, trainers and learning consultants. This webinar focuses on highlighting what is Instructional Design and why trainers need to learn it. The course also covers common misconceptions about Instructional Design especially with respect to content writing, and the difference between writing content and creating learning material.

About the Presenter:
V Anand is a learning professional with over 20 years of experience. He has worked in learning companies like NIIT, eMind, Knowledge Platform, LIQVID and Max Life Insurance in various roles as a trainer, facilitator, supervisor and expert adviser. He has created and managed content for all types of subjects and topics, with a special emphasis on Instructional Design, Content and Presentation, Compliance and Information Technology.
Anand has trained well over 1,000 people in his entire career span and has been involved in instructional design work throughout his career. He has built up, supervised and mentored ID teams, set up ID and development standards, as well as written and developed courses himself. He started his career as a programmer and understands technology which gives him an edge in the elearning


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