Training Foundation Course

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Date Jan 25, 2016
Time 12:30 AM EDT
Cost Free
Training Foundation Course
The training community is filled with professionals who have gotten into training because they stumbled upon it at some point in their careers and fell in love with it for various reasons. Many such professionals are on the lookout to develop their skills and get a strong grip on the fundamentals and that’s exactly what this program is all about. For many who have just about discovered the field of training, learning and development and haven’t yet made that transition, this workshop helps in getting them started in style. It’s quite easy to think that any field that you enter is the wrong field if you are not properly trained to enter it.
What makes trainers effective is their ability to ensure learning happens irrespective of the kind of participant profile in the session. A thumb rule to make this happen is to understand the dynamics of learning and what makes learners learn better. There are also specific ways in which the brain picks up and retains information and this workshop trains participants to learn and use that effectively.
Being in the midst of the training and organizational development space, Bodhih is aware of the ground realities of being a trainer. Participants who go through the Training Foundations Workshop are equipped to enter the training field as they understand the real world challenges of being trainers and the workarounds to overcome those challenges. 
One big fear among many people entering any field is related to how things would be when they actually get in. In Bodhih’s Training Foundations Workshop every participant will get an actual opportunity to deliver a capsule training and gain a firsthand experience of how it is to be a trainer. Our experienced facilitators will strengthen this experience with on the spot feedback and correction measures.



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