Free Webinar - How to Coach Through Change and Disruption

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Date Feb 9, 2016
Time 08:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
The globalization of the economy and the evolution of technology demands that businesses adapt to change effectively and efficiently. While disruptive business models and global competition require organizations to hire new employees with cutting-edge skills, experts claim that the average shelf life of many technologies is now just five years, creating huge upheaval in the market place. Today businesses must implement and adjust to new technologies and in-demand skill sets faster than ever before. To do this, organizations need to constantly adapt, and in many cases continue to reinvent themselves to ensure relevance in a rapidly changingeconomy. As a result, leaders and managers now find themselves managing change at unprecedented levels.

In this webinar we'll explore how to assess the drivers of change - both internal and external - that businesses regularly face, and how to address the many misconceptions that derail the change process. The majority of the session will focus on the human side of change management within an organization, and how leaders can use coaching strategies to support managers, teams and employees to survive and thrive in the process of change.


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