Free Webinar | How to Survive Work Place Trauma

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Date Mar 24, 2016
Time 7:00 PM KSA (11:00 AM EST)
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The aftermath horrifying events around the world have left workers with a feeling of insecurity the likes of which have never been experienced in our history. Fueling those fires is the constant bombardment of media accounts discussing the likelihood of future terrorist attacks. Most assuredly, organizational problem solvers will respond by providing enhanced physical security—doors and barriers designed to protect workers from outside threats. This will be coupled with upgraded building access procedures that will purport to eliminate or restrict the flow of unknown people into their workplace.

While such efforts might begin to address the outside threat, it does little or nothing to address the threat from within our own ranks. The internal workplace trauma threat has been with us long before the terrorist attacks and will linger long after. This threat is more complex than the outside threat. The threat in this instance comes from one of our own. A person we have entrusted with an access key allowing them into our mist. They are, after all, one of us. While it is a relatively simple process to enhance physical security and to develop enhanced access procedures, it is far more complex to attempt to understand what triggers traumatic stress in a fellow employee.
It’s much more than another compliance burden. Your employee’s lives are in your hands.
  • 1 in 4 workers are attacked, threatened or harassed each year, costing:
  • 13.5 billion dollars in medical cost a year
  • 500,000 employees missing 1,750,000 days of work a year
  • 41% increased stress levels


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