Free Webinar | How to Manage Innovation in Your Organisation

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Date Apr 5, 2016
Time 4:00 PM KSA (9:00 AM EST)
Cost Free
Imagine that you are responsible for an organisation whose core business depends on fossil fuels – an airline, for example. Imagine that your airline spends, let’s say, jumi billion per annum on fuel. If you could find a way to save 3-4% on your fuel costs (i.e. - million dollars per annum) would you be interested? Or imagine that you run a global fleet of delivery trucks. What if you could make one simple change in how your trucks are routed that would save you millions of dollars each year? Lastly, imagine if you could reduce the take-off weight of your fleet of aircraft by as little as 20Kg per flight. Across an annual schedule of thousands of flights per year, this could represent a net reduction of hundreds of thousands of kilograms. Would you be interested?


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