Proper Documentation to Avoid Costly Lawsuits - By AtoZ Compliance

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Date Apr 21, 2016
Time 01:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT
Cost $135.00
Key Take Away

Learn how to use documentation to get the best performance out of your employees and to properly defend your decision making process.


You have heard it before – document, document, document. If you do it right, it is your best defence against a lawsuit. If you do it wrong, it is your worst enemy. If you destroy documentation too early, you could be doomed in court. So how do you document properly to conform to HR legal compliance?

Why Should You Attend

As a labour and employment law attorney, you are always reviewing documentation that supports your client’s version of what happened. As a human resource training professional, you look at employment documentation so that you can approve a termination recommended by the supervisor. But as a supervisor, your focus is usually more on getting production done, and you “forget” to document that you had to tell a subordinate three times to do a task. You put off doing those performance appraisals. What are they used for anyway? And, as a supervisor, you are often documenting misconduct or performance issues of someone you once worked side by side.  
Is documentation easy? No. Is it critical? Yes. But how do you do it right?

Areas Covered In This Webinar
  • Why policies and procedures are an important part of documentation
  • What policies/procedures are legally required before misconduct occurs  
  • What policies/procedures are recommended before misconduct occurs
  • Can you discipline if you don’t have a policy/procedure with regard to a particular problem
  • Why not understanding the difference between misconduct/performance can hurt you in documentation
  • How to fill out a performance appraisal properly
  • Real life lessons from actual court cases – employment law training
  • Real life lessons from actual court cases, -- what went wrong in documentation?  
  • What a document retention policy should contain

Learning Objectives
  • Learning how to use documentation to get the best performance out of your employees 
  • Use documentation to defend your decision making process

Who Will Benefit
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Employee Benefits Consultants
  • Vice Presidents of Human Resources

Speakers Profile

Susan Fahey Desmond
Susan Fahey Desmond is a shareholder with Jackson Lewis PC. She has been representing management in all areas of labor and employment law for 30 years. She is listed in Best Lawyers in America for labor and employment law and has been named by Chambers USA as one of America's leading business lawyers.

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