Altered States: Active Shooter; Planning for the Unthinkable

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date May 13, 2016
Time 08:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Is society, as we know it, on the verge of collapse, destruction, another stone-age? 
Seems that you cannot turn on a television, radio or the plethora of personal communication devices available without headlines screaming at you about people with Molotov cocktails, car bombs, murders, floods, fires, car crashes, riots and terrorism.  Incidents of violence, often referred to as “Active Shooter” events are becoming more commonplace; how you might ask, is it all going to end?

To tell us more about it, joining us is Mr. Geary Sikich, who is a is a Principal with Logical Management Systems, Corp., a consulting and executive education firm with a focus on enterprise risk management and issues analysis. 


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