Agile Security, Recalibrating Information Security for Agile Development projects

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Date May 25, 2016
Time 02:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
More and more systems are being developed using an agile approach. Benefits are that the time-to-market of a new feature can be short, and that in complex projects it reduces the impact of changes. No wonder that Agile is popular with the business owners. Classic information security, using classic top-down frameworks, however has trouble keeping up with this agile way of system development.
How can we change this?
This presentation explores ways in which information security can be adequately addressed in an agile environment. It starts at the basis of the security management process, and advises new ways of working with respect to agile development in order to reach the ultimate goal: an environment with systems at acceptable risk.
Main points that will be covered are:
-       Agile development from a security viewpoint (what are the major aspects of agile that have an impact on management of information security?)
-       Why does ISO27001 not fit properly in agile development?
-       How to perform agile security management (a new use of the PDCA cycle)?
-       Conclusions and recommendations
Arthur Donkers (
Interested in info sec, technology, organisation and combining these all into one solution Critical Security Architect Trainer for PECB (ISO27001, 27005, 31000) Convinced that Infosec is a means to an end, not a purpose in itself.
Pascal de Koning
Is qualified as Information Security professional and  Cybersecurity with wide experience as consultant. Among many, he holds CISSP qualification and currently working as a Chairman of Security Services at The Open Group and SABSA Institute.


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