Learn in 60 Minutes How to Use Technology to Write an Assignment or Dissertation Twice as Fast

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Date Jan 26, 2017
Time 07:00 PM EDT
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Have you ever struggled with finishing an academic project? If you have, you are not alone. Writing an academic project is a challenging task. It requires not only a clear logical structure based on critical evaluation of a pile of literature but also a very specific formatting with citations, quotations and bibliography.  

One of the best thing I did when I was doing my PhD (the Russel Group University) was to employ academic software to improve and accelerate my thesis writing. Although I was writing the thesis in my second language and in an unfamiliar subject area, I was able to finish it in 36 months. I would have never been able to achieve it with 'sticky notes' and 'MS Word'.

DURING this FREE LIVE event, I'm going to show you:

•How to start your academic project

•How to manage references

•How to manage your sources

•How to evaluate your sources

•How to outline your project

•How to collect and connect notes

•How to make writing by-product of your reading


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