Buy American Act and Trade Agreements Act

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Date Jun 15, 2017
Time 11:00 AM EDT
Cost $99.00
How familiar are you with the rules that govern country of origin requirements?

The Buy American Act (BAA) and the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) are key elements in government contracting, each with complex sets of rules. Their requirements are important factors in how federal contractors structure proposals and how they navigate country of origin requirements.

After the recent election, “Buy American” is certainly in the news. BAA and TAA compliance is a major government enforcement priority these days, both with Agency Inspector Generals and with qui tam False Claims Act lawsuits.

This course, taught by an experienced government contract attorney, will break down current fundamental BAA and TAA requirements and lay out effective compliance strategies. The course will also look at other existing domestic preference programs as well as offer a preview of potential new domestic source requirements.

  • Break down the BAA and TAA to know when they apply and what they cover
  • How to create and implement an effective BAA and TAA compliance program while remaining competitive
  • Survey other domestic preference programs such as the Berry Amendment, specialty metal requirements, preferences for U.S. locations, and prohibitions on non-U.S. persons
  • Examine potential new domestic preference programs and their impact on state and local government procurement
  • Walk through a recent BAA/TAA GAO bid protests and look at a recent TAA False Claims Act and debarment case

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