Closing the Challenging WC Claim Webinar

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Oct 17, 2017
Time 04:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
When Employers and their Insurers close out workers’ compensation claims, they have one goal – to buy peace of mind.  That is often easier said than done.  In this session, you will hear from two legal experts, Thomas S. Thornton, III, of Carr Allison, and Albert B. Randall, Jr., of Franklin & Prokopik, who will provide advice on reaching that goal.  Tommy Thornton will discuss the strategies and pitfalls with protecting Medicare’s Future Interest, by providing strategies to be employed and pitfalls to avoid which can assist you with navigating through the labyrinth which is Medicare compliance in workers’ compensation cases.  Bert will discuss the tricky employment issues involved when trying to separate an employee from employment in order to negotiate a full and final settlement and how to prevent the employee from coming back with additional employment-related claims.


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