P.S. Problem/Solution (webinar series).Flash conversion, microlearning, responsive design, simple updates

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Date Nov 16, 2017
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost Free
The Situation
1. Adobe will discontinue support for flash in 2020.  And with the growing popularity of mobile learning, Flash’s current limitations on IOS and Android are creating problems right now. Your learning platform needs to move before support is no longer available. 
2. Your learning just isn't as effective anymore. Learners are not engaging with it as actively as they used to. They don't want to read all the content or the modules take too long to complete as workloads have increased. You need to deliver the message in a way that your learners can fully engage with in the limited time that they have to learn.
3. Course content is evolving and needs to be updated regularly but programming takes too long to get the changes made in a timely manner. By the time updates have been completed in your platform there are already new changes to implement. It may be time to look at new ways of handling content updates.
The Need
eLearning is changing because learners are changing. As technology evolves so do learner behaviors. Updating courseware can be a single solution: change from flash to HTML.  Or it can be an opportunity to update the design and function of your platform to reinvigorate and re-build the effectiveness of your training.
The Solution
Every organization has a different situation. Allen Interactions has worked with a number of clients to revise and update out of date courseware to create a renewed learning program.  Join us to take a look at how we have taken client's problems and brought them effective solutions.


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