Paying Expats & Inpats- A Guide to Ensure Correct Withholdings and Year-end Reporting

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Date Dec 1, 2017
Time 01:00 PM EDT
Cost $200.00
This interactive 60-minute webinar, presented by payroll consultant Clarissia Harris, will ensure that your company's payroll and human resources are in compliance with IRS regulations for withholding taxes and reporting requirements for expatriates/inpatriates and resident/nonresident aliens.

Objectives of the Presentation
  • Key points for managing international employees
  • Various types of visas and tax treatments
  • Employer withholding responsibilities for US expatriate and inpatriate employees
  • Various types of pay components associated with expatriate/ inpatriate compensation worksheet
  • Tax equalization, tax protection and hypothetical tax, and their application to expatriate/inpatriate employees
  • Best practices when calculating foreign income and housing cost exclusions
  • Best practices to guarantee correct tax withholding for host/home country, utilizing Shadow Payroll concepts
Why Should you Attend
Paying and managing Expats and Inpats employees can be complex. Are you in compliance with the IRS guidelines? Human resources and payroll professionals are often faced with challenges when U.S. employees are working abroad or when a foreign national is working in the U.S.

Managing the international payroll can be complicated and, if not managed properly, can become costly to an employer. Payroll professionals must comply with the IRS and Host country regulations associated with international payroll process.

Areas Covered
  • Understanding tax equalization, tax protect and hypothetical tax concepts
  • Implementing the best practice approach in managing and assembling data from the third party vendors
  • How to identify taxable and non-taxable compensation
  • Best approach in reconciling home and host country payroll taxes
  • When to apply the gross-up method to cover Expats/Inpats tax obligation
  • Essential components of utilizing the shadow payroll process
Who will Benefit
  • Global payroll departments
  • Accounting departments
  • HR business partners
  • Payroll apprentices
  • International payroll consultants
  • Global mobility consultants
  • International tax consultants

In case you find difficulty in registering, or need further information regarding the webinar, please feel free to contact our customer support team at (510)-857-5896 or send an email to We will help you.


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