Investigative Research Methods for Journalists & Investigators

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Date Dec 2, 2017
Time 12:00 PM EDT
Cost $125.00
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  1. Build Highly Effective Advance Web Search Queries for Fact-Finding & Information Verification.
  2. How and Where to Find Reliable Online Information Source for Finding Statistical Data?
  3. Internet Search with Specialized Search Engines and Search Tools.
  4. Exploring Hidden Online Information Portals of the Deep Web.
  5. Verifying the authenticity of Online Video Clips, News Stories and Social Media Feeds.
  6. Identifying Unreliable and Fake Websites, Web Content Pages, Forum Trolls and Images.
  7. Finding Time & Date Stamp of Web Content and Online Multimedia Files.
  8. Introduction to Forensic Software for Quick Data Extractions, Info Back-ups, and Multimedia Media Verification.
Interactive Workshop - Case Study of Real Events & Situations
There will be five (5) separate use case scenarios of solving the issues of information source reliability, its relevance, and its impact on a given situation.
Webinar Speaker:  Mr. Manzoor is the CEO of AOFIRS. He is the author and course developer for CIRS Certification. He has a lengthy career in IT and technology development, with a special interest in Search Engines Algorithms Development and Search Engine Indexing. He has double Masters in Software Dev and Networking areas. Besides writing the course, Manzoor is an avid writer and regular contributor of technology articles.
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Verification Handbook – For Investigative Reporting.
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Organizer: Associate of Internet Research Specialists.


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