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Date Dec 18, 2017
Time 08:30 PM EDT
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If you’re a Classroom Teacher, Special Educator, School Counselor or Administrator, this can be a game changer….

How Do You Handle a Student’s Defiant Behaviors without The Whole Class Having to Suffer?

Do you call their parent for the 19th time? Do you spend your hard earned money on prizes for positive behavior?   Do you write another referral?  Do you plot to get them kicked out of your school?  Do you burden your loved ones with more complaints about work?
The Short Answer Is… NO!  You don’t need to do any of that stuff.
Here’s how I know:
In 2012, I transitioned to full time behavior coaching and consulting for eleven K-12 schools.
So I enrolled in a Grad. Program in Applied Behavior Analysis to sharpen my skills.
The I ran a little experiment using some, “old school,” applied behavior analysis techniques—
--many of which have been, “lost to the ages”…….but ones that I was positive would stil work today.
 When I shared these techniques with teachers; I was astonished at how fast they were able to decrease defiant behavors without buying prizes, writing referrals, or continuous 1:1 instruction.
And sure enough, within 30 days people thought these teachers had magic powers!  Their most challenging students were compliant to their first commands.
So I put all those systems and processes down and turned them into an easy-to-follow-sequence that will teach you how to do the Same Dang Thing.
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