Webinar - Managing Service Operations and Why ITSM Matters

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Date Mar 14, 2018
Time 02:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Did you know? Implementing ITSM can improve the effectiveness of IT functions by over 62%? As there continues to be a global shift towards managing more and more data, and housing data in the cloud, many companies are looking to manage their IT budgets closer and sustaining their infrastructure operations. Many studies have provided data on how IT Operational costs eventually decrease over time, but there are still initial costs, and costs to upgrade, scale and sustain.
Until recently, most technical infrastructure components, devices, applications, etc. resided within the organization in which they served. Since the industry has moved to a more virtual model, data, technology, infrastructure services and even applications can now exist in the cloud. With that, there is a need to clearly understand exactly what is being stored in the cloud and how is it being managed.

Why you should attend
Many IT Professionals are unaware how their jobs directly impact the success of their IT organization and ultimately the business at large. As IT professionals learn on the job, and also participate in educational forums, courses, etc., there is still a need to have a refresher on industry changes and updates. ITIL best practices are here to stay, and will not diminish as time goes by.
More and more leading IT companies are applying ITIL best practices and that means many of us will still need to apply those best practices as well. In some industries, and ITIL Foundation Certification is required to even be considered for IT jobs, and even more so for contractors and consultants.
It will be necessary to refresh your knowledge and realize that many infrastructure operations are all underpinned by managing services, as entire enterprises are now comprised of database, infrastructure, desktop, application and clouds services. For those inquiring about general information and/or improving some areas within your IT organization, this webinar is for you.
 Areas covered in webinar
  • Understanding importance of ITSM   
  • Delivering and managing IT services
  • The value of IT to the business and the service provider
  • Maintaining stability while allowing for change
  • Organizing to improve IT support operations
  • The processes underlying Service Operations
  • What to manage when interfacing with Cloud Service Providers 
Who’ll benefit from this webinar?
Job roles that can benefit from this webinar include, but are not limited to:
·         IT staff
·         IT project team members
·         Business process analysts
·         Service desk staff
·         IT consultants
·         Integrators
·         Network staff
·         IT managers

Speaker Profile
Allyson Pippin is a solutions-oriented technical trainer and a certified ITIL expert, with over 18 years of experience in the IT Service Management industry. She is proficient in applications and network management, information systems, business process re-engineering, information technology, business management, service desk/soft-skills, and technical training. Allyson is certified in ISO20000 auditing organizations for quality and complying to ISO 20000 audits.


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