Webinar - Effective Change Management

MessageThis Webinar is over
Date Mar 28, 2018
Time 10:00 AM EDT
Cost Free
Did you know? Effective change management provides organizations with a mechanism whereby value is added and realized through reduced costs. Cost reductions are realized because change is implemented more effectively, causes fewer disruptions, and customer confidence is raised.

As understanding grows about how effective change management enables and supports business initiatives and is traceable to the organizational mission, the organization comes to see change management as an enabler and an integral part of how it accomplishes his business objectives. Change is an intrinsic part of part of how organizations grow and adapt to the dynamics of an ever changing environment and effective change management permits organizations to meet those challenges effectively and efficiently.

Why you should attend

The purpose of this webinar is to give participants a clear picture of change management and its role in the organization. This webinar will explain the importance of change management, give an overview of how it works, and how it creates and adds value to the organization.

Additionally, this webinar seeks to demonstrate the extent to which change management can enhance organizational objectives and goals, how properly implemented change management enables the furtherance of the organizational strategy, and how it contributes to organizational planning.

This webinar will explain how change management is an essential part of a holistic, results-driven approach that reflects business initiatives. It also seeks to show the interrelatedness between change management and varied business activities as well as the value-add it brings by enabling organizations to respond to needed business changes.

Areas covered in the webinar
  • Purpose, Objectives and Definitions
  • Value to the business
  • Change Authorities
  • Strategic-tactical-operational change
    • 7 R’s of change management
  • Change processes, Roles, Activities, Interfaces
  • Change Management is the authority
    • Service Asset & Configuration Management (SACM) works to assist in administering change
    • Configuration Management is key
    • Release & Deployment Management (RDM) executes change
  • RDM is the operational side of change
  • Assessment and Evaluation occurs at multiple points and levels
  • Change Advisory Board
  • Interfaces (Change is multi-faceted and multidisciplinary)
    • Interrelatedness of change management
  • Measuring change from different perspectives
  • Challenges and Summary
Who will benefit from this webinar?

Job roles that can benefit from this webinar include, but are not limited to:
  • C-level executives and others who are interested in learning how effective change management is an organizational wide mechanism for achieving and furthering business objectives.
  • IT managers
  • Department/Division Managers
  • Implementation Teams
  • Executives
Speaker Profile

Victor Foster is an accredited ITIL Expert and Consultant with 8 years of training experience from SharePoint, and Incident Management systems, to ITIL courses. He has experience with technical writing of user guides for various software systems used by the DoD and other government agencies. He has co-authored the cyber-security awareness training program policies (FCC) and FISMA compliance and provided support for interagency training sponsored by DoD-IG.


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